Right Foot: Rob Krider


The Umbrella Policy

Sep 15, 2017Comments off

Vegas was a blast and the racing was great for Rob Krider, but it did come with some complications for him, namely, something called “the

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Oh, The Engines I’ve Blown

Aug 10, 2017Comments off

Rob takes us down a whimsical path of the engines he has destroyed.

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Karma or Carma? Rob Is Gifted a Car He Prev...

Jun 06, 2017Comments off

Rob’s parents thought a MGB had too much sentimental value to let a teenage boy drive the delicate car, and they turned out to be

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The Hardest Hit: Life at the Demolition Der...

Mar 06, 2017Comments off

Rob Krider got a chance to check an item off his bucket list - demolition derby racing!


Street Car to Racecar

Jan 11, 2017Comments off

Here is the story of a little racecar that won a lot of trophies and didn’t cost a lot of money.


Racing Season From Hell: Trials and Tribula...

Oct 26, 2016Comments off

Right Foot Rob Krider walks us through a season of running a Honda Challenge race car.