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One Time with Jeff Smith: Jeff & Sulli...

Oct 17, 2017Comments off

On this episode of One Time with Jeff Smith he talks about another road trip that he took with Scott Sullivan in the Cheese Wiz


My First Ride: Land Speed Racer to Roadster...

Oct 09, 2017Comments off

Here is Gene’s story as he submitted to us about how he came about buying his first street rod.

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Toyo Tires presents Ken Block’s Climb...

Sep 26, 2017Comments off

Toyo Tires® presents Climbkhana the next generation of Ken Block’s wildly successful and award-winning Gymkhana series of viral videos.


Low Mileage 1972 454 Corvette Is a Rolling ...

Sep 26, 2017Comments off

For the last 45-years, a 1972 Corvette 454 convertible with less than 1,000 miles on the clock has been stowed away in a dusty garage


Sorry Europe, No ZL1 1LE For You!

Sep 25, 2017Comments off

A perceived risk in the sharp exterior sculpting of the 1LE trim of the Camaro ZL1 will keep the trim from being sold in Europe.


One Inch Crack Totals Corvette

Sep 22, 2017Comments off

This immaculate looking 2017 Grand Sport is heading to auction with a salvage title after the original owner’s insurance company decided to declare it a


Driver Crashes Z06 Corvette After Hitting 1...

Sep 21, 2017Comments off

Even in a capable car like a C7Z, going 125 mph on a public road is bound to end in destruction, as learned by a


The Umbrella Policy

Sep 15, 2017Comments off

Vegas was a blast and the racing was great for Rob Krider, but it did come with some complications for him, namely, something called “the

F-Body Nats 2017-09-16 086

Gearheads4Life Invades the First Ever F-Bod...

Sep 14, 2017Comments off

Xceleration Media and Power & Performance News covered and competed in the inaugural F-Body Nationals over the weekend.

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It’s Time to Power Cruise to Somernit...

Sep 13, 2017Comments off

This month's show features the 12th Annual Power Cruise sponsored by Holley!