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The Road To Mandalay

Endurance races are designed to test the mettle of both man and machine – hence their name. However, while all are tough, some seem downright impossible. The inaugural Road to Mandalay event, slated for February 1-23, 2015, and presented by the Endurance Rally Association, falls into that “borderline crazy” category.

Automotive Decals

Classic Logos From The Automotive Past

They say art is subjective, but we’ve seen some pretty awful “art” while chaperoning our kids’ field trips through various museums. But as car guys our tastes run more toward the automotive variety. And one of the coolest places we find art is the old decals performance parts manufacturers stick


An Excellent Adventure In An Olds: Part 2

The Continuation of a Cross Country Voyage That Included Burros, Burritos, the Santa Fe Trail, and More Than a Little Fun By Jeff Smith Photos by Jeff Smith In the early days of the trip, I had kept a close vigil on both the oil pressure and temperature gauges. But after


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Vehicle Showcase


Springfield Street Machine Nationals Pick: 1996 Ch...

For the upcoming Springfield show, the unanimous choice was Barry and Debbie Davis' 1996 Chevrolet Nova Super Sport to feature.


Challenger Accepted

Larry Krussow ’71 Challenger was built by trial and error Words: Shawn Brereton; Photos: Jeff Smith Whether it was


Gearhead Stories: Our Digital Editor T...

This Gearhead Story comes from within the Xceleration Media/Gearheads4Life team. Our Digital Editor, Elizabeth, has been a gearhead since

Street Machine Nationals St. Paul 2017-07-15 001

St. Paul Street Machine Nationals Edit...

At the recent St. Paul Street Machine Nationals show, this 1960 Morris Minor 1000 stood out to us.

Event Coverage

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BSI Galaxie_001

Bodie Stroud Revamps A 1963 Fo...

Los Angeles-based restorer Bodie Stroud will customize a 1963.5 Ford Galaxie with


Gearhead Stories Episode 11

Check out Brenda McMillan’s 1931 Ford Model-A. Hear her story of love,

With both front legs tacked to their respective tabs, you can now tack-weld the front and rear legs to the base. Tack all four corners of each leg to the base. Once every leg is solidly tacked, you can weld the whole mess together. We are just finishing tacking all four legs to the base here on the engine. We then moved to the table to complete the welding.

How To Build Your Own Small- O...

Words And Photos: Jeff Smith If you’re a car guy who has


Custom T’s Labor Day Gru...

If you haven't made Labor Day weekend plans yet, here's a suggestion!

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