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VIDEO: This is Not Your Average 1955 Chevy Bel Air

Gary Kollofski stops by Jay Leno’s Garage with his 1955 Chevy Bel Air, 2-door coupe, and this car has a few surprises. This is a build that was featured in Car Craft not too long ago, and if you haven’t seen it, prepare yourself. From the outside, the Bel Air looks fairly stock, like what you would expect from a good resto-mod, but there’s a lot more too this one.

So what’s the surprise? It’s under the hood. Powering the Bel Air is a 730ci, all-aluminum Hemi headed V12 engine. The engine in Italy by a company called BPM. It’s this massive engine that makes the Bel Air a bit of an anomaly — it’s an American car with an Italian engine that uses Hemi heads.

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Although this engine is very well-fitted, it’s certainly a tight fit, with no room for error. It took some very articulate planning to make this car work. Backing the V12 is a 4L80e from a Chevy truck, an automatic that can handle the power.

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Another surprise is that the entire front clip opens up to expose the big engine, and the doors open from front to back, instead of in the traditional way.

Check out what other surprises come with this 620 horsepower V12 Bel Air!

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