UPDATE: Top Gear Feud: Version 2, Round 1!

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UPDATE: According to multiple sources, Chris Evans is not only off the show, he is also under investigation for a sexual assault accusation. We will continue to update relevant information with the show’s future.

Below is the original article run prior to the news of a very twisty update!

If you’ve been a fan of Top Gear from the start, you probably already lost all hope when the original cast had some, uh, issues, with production. When Chris Evans (not the Captain America one) and Matt Leblanc (yes, that one) joined up to host the show, it got really weird. Although ratings are actually up, it seems there’s some trouble in paradise — the two leads allegedly hate each other.

Leblanc has apparently had it with Evans’ attitude towards the team on the show. He’s so fed up that he’s ready to walk if BBC continues to allow Chris Evans in as a presenter. For many viewers, there would be no love lost if Evans went, or even if the show was cancelled altogether — while I’m sure plenty are still rooting for its success. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but the show might get a lot more watchable without Chris Evans. Perhaps Leblanc could take a punch for the team to get him booted Jeremy Clark style! I’m kidding, of course…

The news of Mattix comes the same day we heard that Top Gear USA has officially flat lined, and tonight’s episode will be the last. Top Gear USA is the History Channel’s version of the BBC show, although ratings have never quite been there. Rutledge Wood did express that the team could be looking to present the show on a different network.


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