PPG Demonstrates Gearbox with 1400 Horsepower Viper

The PPG sequential system is one of the most advanced systems to hit the automotive aftermarket in a long time. Basically, the gears are stacked, or in-line, instead of laid out in the traditional H-pattern. These gears are allowing some of the hottest street cars on the scene to sweep wins at events across the country. They’re also being used by some of the top shops around for their high-end street cars.

In this demonstration, the crew at Calvo Motorsports takes to the streets to show off the gearbox in a 1,400 horsepower Dodge Viper. The system being demonstrated is the TR-6060 6 speed sequential gear system, and the shifting is absolutely seamless. It’s also good to see one of these systems on the street; we’ve seen a few on the track in the last few weeks, and that’s left us wondering about street performance. After watching this video, we give it two thumbs up, and we would really like to drive that Viper!


There’s a little clip of the Viper on the shop’s Instagram page if you want to check it out here.

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