Experts Confirmed Original Bullitt Mustang Found at Mexican Junkyard!

This situation is wild, but according to expert, Kevin Marti, it’s not totally underarm of either! The original Mustang Bullitt, used primarily as the stunt car in Bullitt, was found in a junkyard in Mexicali, and confirmed to be the real deal.

Last year, a man named Hugo Sanchez found a 1968 Mustang in a junkyard. He took it to a shop owned by a friend, ironically to turn it into an Eleanor clone. When shop owner, Ralph Garcia Jr. ordered a report from Marti Auto Works, he was floored by the results.

Kevin Marti was familiar with the VINs for the Mustangs ordered for Bullitt by Warners Bros. — this is one of two that was used. The other is privately owned, while this one has been off the map for decades. Rumor has it, the car was taken straight to a junkyard after filming.

Marti is absolutely sure that this is the famous Mustang. The current owner has already received some high offers for the car, as is, but it’s currently not for sale. Restoration has already begun, and the shop owner will seek expert guidance from Ford.

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