Man Bails on Still Moving Camaro After Police Chase


Safety, of the personal and community variety, are clearly not priorities to a guy who bailed out of his moving Chevy Camaro while cops were in pursuit!

It all went down in Virginia last week, a man led police on a high-speed chase on Friday. He was clocked speeding by a state trooper in a 2010 Camaro, traveling down an interstate. During the chase, the driver of the Camaro reached speeds of 122 miles per hour, and then took off on an exit.

After leaving the interstate, the Camaro driver hit a pole, ran into a ditch, and then jumped out o the car while it was still moving. The Camaro was eventually stopped when it struck the side of an empty house.

The suspect is still out there, so who knows what condition he’s in after crashing then jumping from the car, apparently he’s well enough to make an escape on foot!

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