Feds Want V2V Hype to Become Reality by 2021

The feelings about self-driving cars isn’t necessarily positive amongst gearheads, and the same applies to V2V technology. If you’re not familiar, V2V stands for vehicle-to-vehicle, which basically means that vehicles will communicate with each other on the road — that’s not to say the drivers, but the technology in the vehicles themselves. Unfortunately, V2V seems to be heading to the public realm soon thanks to the Federal Department of Transportation.

The DOT announced earlier in December that it will seek a final mandate that all new vehicles to contain equipment to permit V2V communications. Many experts believe the technology will increase the safety standard on public roads, while others feel that it is an invasion that will eventually lead to the steering wheel being taken out of the hands of human drivers.

If you’re an opponent of V2V, you can find a little hope in the face that the technology still have a long way to go as far as development goes. It could also fail miserably if people stopped buying as many new cars to avoid it — forcing a turn around on the ruling to protect the new car market. The incoming Trump administration could also put a dent in their plans, so remain hopeful if you’re a driver who opposes this technology.

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