Drunk Driver Hits Two Street Rods, Killing One Occupant

Photos from Street Machines Hot Rods and Drag Cars Facebook Group Post By Larry Nichols 

Every now and then, you hear a story that makes you lose a little faith in humanity, this is one of them. On Sunday evening a 31-year-old man decided to get in his 2012 Jeep Wrangler in Pennsylvania, while under the influence, and that completely stupid decision has no changed several innocent lives forever.

Before going any further, I want to make it clear that the value of the human life lost, those which are forever damaged, and their friends and families who will forever suffer is far greater than any vehicle in the world, but the two struck cars are an important part of the story.

It’s hard to imagine why an adult would get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Everything we’ve been told since we were little kids says to not drink if you’re going to drive, and not drive if you’ve been drinking. Police have identified this as a DUI accident, and Gregory Millinder Jr. was the person behind the wheel of the Jeep that caused it. To make sure we know for sure this guy is a horrible person, he had an 8-year-old kid in the vehicle with him.

According to state police, the Jeep was traveling southbound on Route 53 at 6:15 in the evening when he lost control and struck the first car, a split window Corvette, in oncoming traffic. After he hit the Corvette, he continued to travel the wrong way in traffic until he collided head-on with a Chevy Bel Air. All vehicles had to be towed from the scene.

The worst damage, of course, is the loss of life of the passenger of the Bel Air, a 70-year-old woman named Mary Caprio. The occupants of the Corvette and driver of the Bel Air were all transported to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. The 8-year-old in the Jeep somehow only sustained minor injuries. And of course, the driver who caused all of this is pretty much fine.

The two street machines were leaving a car show when they were struck. It’s hard not to get a huge knot in your throat thinking about how nice of a day it must have been for the people at the show. You can even tell by the pictures that the weather was gorgeous that day. They probably had a great time and then one selfish and irresponsible act turned a great day into a nightmare that they’ll never forget.

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