Corvette SUV Contest

Corvette SUV Contest Yields Interesting Results

Photos from The Detroit News’ Corvette SUV Design Contest

What if GM made a Chevy Corvette SUV? Well, first, we’d be wondering what kind of drugs were being passed around in their think tanks, but let’s just assumed it happened.

Other sports brands like Porsche, Jaguar, and Maserati are making a go at it, and doing quite well, so why not? Okay, there’s about a million reasons to not want this, but Detroit News was interested to see what one would look like, so they opened it up to their readers to find out. Here are what their leaderboard winners came up with.


In first place is Raymond Dong from Dearborn, MI. The concept looks like a mini van to us, but it does sport the Corvette lights and some of the edges, in a much fuller form of course.


Andrew Kear from New Jersey made it to second place with a rendering that reminds us of some of the existing exotic SUVs, with the addition of some Corvette design nods.


Rounding out third is Rory Williams from Farmington Hills, MI. This Corvette Wagon is reminiscent of the AeroWagen by Callaway — with a taller stature and wider stance. It sports the Corvette C7 taillights and quad center pipes, which almost seems like something we could see on the road someday…but still kind of hope we don’t

These creators did a great job with their renderings, don’t get us wrong. There’s just something a little cringeworthy behind the idea of a Corvette SUV. Chevy hasn’t had a great track record with model dilution either — it was that practice that definitely contributed to the demise of some of the most iconic muscle cars they’ve ever made, so we doubt they’re ‘go there’ with their cash cow Corvette.

What would think of a Corvette SUV?

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