Herd of Chevy Corvairs Rile Up Indiana Residents

The narrative of neighbors deciding the be bothered by car people is becoming a cliche, and here’s another example of people getting their pitchforks out to try and shut down a car person, for no real reason.

A group of unwelcoming neighbors in a rural area of Gaston, Indiana are complaining about dozens of Chevy Corvairs being kept at a residence in the town. Their reasoning is that the hoard of Corvairs has attracted rats and wild animals.

The city-county planner, Fred Daniel, said “It’s a guy’s hobby that’s gotten way too big,” — so apparently city planners get to say when you’re car collection is big enough.

Owners of the property, Michael and his wife Sheryl, are puzzled at the controversy. They don’t understand why it’s even news, and it’s hard to blame them for feeling that way. The couple confirmed their residence on the property, and that collecting Corvairs is a hobby.

Due to the complaints, Michael had to file an application for a special use permit, even though he’s been working on the cars on the property for four decades already.

A special hearing on the matter is scheduled for July 6th, we’ll update on the outcome.

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