Burning Rubber Candle

candle1We found the perfect candle for all you gearheads! This Dragster Burning Rubber maximum scented candle comes in a 16oz jelly jar using natural crystallizing organic palm wax. This Dragster Burning Rubber handcrafted scented candle offers you the raw smell of a hot summer day at the racetrack with notes of burnt rubber, motor oil and high performance racing fuel make this the perfect grease-monkey fragrance.

This triple scented Dragster Burning Rubber candle will fill your home or garage with great aromas.  This scented candle is clean and long burning, no messy clean up, burns completely from side to side and all the way down, leaving very little wax, just pop any remaining palm wax out, wash, rinse and reuse the candle container.

The Dragster Burning Rubber was intentionally made to be a light aroma so that the burning rubber wouldn’t be overwhelming. The Dragster Burning Rubber scented candle makes a great gift for your family, friends, and co-workers.

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