A Crazy Kind of Awesome: 1977 Toyota Hilux with Turbocharged LS1

This LS swap might drive Toyota purest a little crazy because it’s found under the hood of one of their most coveted models — the Toyota Hilux. Not made in the United States, and no longer available new due to insane tariffs, the compact pickup truck has earned itself a cult following over the years, so this is bound to infuriate some. On the other hand, there are many out there who will see the potential in a light body truck for a beefy turbo LS swap.

This Craigslist ad goes to prove why this site is such a wonderful and weird place. For the most part, you’ll find junker mini vans and delusional people who think their 15 year old Escalade is worth more than new because of its upgraded stereo, but every now and then, a gem can be found.

From the factory, the Hilux was a two-door compact workhorse with either a 2.0L or 2.2L inline 4-cylinder engine. Even with an aggressive tune, it’s not reaching further than the 110hp mark, but it’s a small vehicle, that’s fine — or is it? This particular one has a 5.3L engine swapped into it, also known as the truck engines in the same family as the LS engines. It also flaunts a pretty sizable turbo, but that’s about all you get from the description.

The seller offers that “this thing is fast as sh*t”, and there’s probably no grounds to argue against that statement, all things considered. This franken-pickup also has the suspension from a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, which contributes to the interesting stature.


The $10,000 price tag is probably pretty off-putting to anyone who doesn’t think a GM engine in a Hilux is blasphemy, while it would have been price perfect to Toyota purest if it wasn’t ‘customized’ in this way.

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