VIDEO: Million Dollar Car Graveyard

There are 50 vintage cars which have been left to rot away in a far away German forest. A huge collection of supercars have been crashed into trees, buried in mud and placed on cliff faces by former racing driver Michael Fröhlich — this was done on purpose!

Michael’s father sat him down at a young age and told to make something of himself by the time he turned 50. After winning a Grand Prix race in Germany in 1984 in his Jaguar XK120, Michael decided to collect one vintage car for each year of his life until 2000. His collection includes a Rolls Royce with a Queen Elizabeth doll at the wheel (creepy!), a Porsche 356 racer, and a Buick.

He’s apparently doing this in the name of art — sure, art is in the eye of the beholder, but this isn’t art, it’s automotive murder!

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