Tesla Model X vs Model S Drag Race

Tesla Motors Inc. has begun with the deliveries of the Model X electric SUV, so it’s time to see exactly what kind of performance this vehicle can deliver. After launching the insanely powerful Ludicrous mode Model S P90D, Tesla followed it up with an equally powerful Model X P90D, and someone raced the two cars to find out, which is better! Watch the all new Tesla Model X set a world record with a first time driver for the quickest SUV while it races the Model S in an all out drag racing shootout.

If you didn’t know, the Model X is the fastest SUV ever. It has two motors – front and rear –giving a combined horsepower of over 530. This allows it to meet a claimed speed of going from 0 to 60 in just 3.2 seconds. The best time of Model X was 11.61 at 116 mph while that of Model S was 11.24 at 118.5 mph. Not bad for weighing around 600 pounds more than the sedan. Take a look!

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