Hellcat Engine Powered Prius Coming to a Road Near You

Photos from American Racing Headers Facebook Page

You can file this in your ‘It was bound to happen’ folder — Prius cars are now getting Hellcat powertrain swaps. We’ve seen our fair share of bizarre swaps in our time, and this wouldn’t even make the top 5, but it’s definitely worth a mention. The team at American Racing Headers decided to swap a Hellcat engine into (what’s left of) a Prius, dubbing it the “PriuSRT8”.

This Toyota looks like an innocent, gas sipping ‘green’ commuter car on the outside, but it’s riding on a NHRA approved tube chassis underneath. The reason? To hold up to their goal power range with a 6.2L V8 with 4.5L Whipple supercharger — something a standard Prius isn’t exactly designed to structurally handle.

There are more challenges than just the chassis, even getting the massive powertrain to sit inside the Prius’ body is no easy task. Backing the beast of an engine is a Tremec Magnum six-speed manual transmission that feeds into a Midwest Chassis Ford 9”.


There are extensive modifications and metal work throughout. The pictures show all of the high-end craftsmanship happening at ARH, like redesigning the front brace, adding height to the transmission tunnel, and fabricating a fully-built roll cage.


This project is a heck of an undertaking and truly shows what can happen when you have pros like ARH in the driver’s seat!

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