Great Gallery Of Farm Truck’s New Engine

If you don’t watch the show Street Outlaws, that headline probably doesn’t make much sense to you. But if you know about the show, then hearing about the famous Farmtruck–driven by just about everyone’s favorite characters Farmtruck and AZN–getting a new engine is big news.

If you are unfamiliar with Street Outlaws and want to know more, you can get more info here.

Farmtruck EngineDuring the offseason Farmtruck and AZN had a brand new engine build for their truck by Mark Brown at Advanced Engine & Machine in Salina, Kansas. And the headers were custom built at Jeff Lutz at the Midwest Race Cars shop. Advanced Engine and Machine put up a great gallery of pics from the engine build, which we definitely recommend checking out. You can see that on their Facebook page here. We’ve also embedded a dyno run below. The engine makes a whopping 1,150 horsepower BEFORE the multi-stage nitrous system does its thing.

And if you want to keep up with the future exploits of Farmtruck and AZN, you can hit up their Facebook page here.

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