Gearhead Stories Episode 10

We met up with Mark Grimes from Omaha, Nebraska to talk about his ’65 Pro Street Malibu at the Du Quoin Street Machine Nationals. Watch the video to find out what Mark has done to make his blown Malibu one unique ride.


  1. Remembering that from PHR when it was first built…one of the new crop of over-the-top Pro Street machines being built at the time. It’s great to see that it’s still around, in good shape. He’s right about those wheels…they were -so- cutting edge…

  2. Mark was right is saying how much time in lives has been lost trying to get ready for Duquoin. Remember the girls on the top of the motorhome in the K-Mart parking lot circa 1988. 89, and 90? The heat with no air conditioning sucked but we made the trek to southern Illinois every year. The good old days!

    • I totally remember the motorhome in the K-Mart parking lot! I slept (well, tried) in my car in that parking lot all night with guys having grocery cart races across the lot. I was so afraid someone would get out of control into the side of my car, that I ended up moving across the street in the bank drive-thru!! Ahhh good times!