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eBay Find: Four-Door 1979 Corvette

This is one for the Corvette enthusiasts looking for an odd piece to add to your collection — recently, a 4-door Corvette was listed on eBay. The auction has since ended by the seller, but there may still be time to grab it up if you contact the seller, but it’s still unique enough worth the mention.

This is allegedly the only surviving four-door production 1979 Corvette America. The seller claims that the there were 40 of these Corvette America cars made by California Coach in Pasadena, CA. As you might guess, they were made mating two cars together to extend the wheelbase by 30” so they could use four seats, four doors, and four t-tops.

The idea never quite took off, and sold for three times that of the base model Corvette asking price at the time. If people really wanted a four seater V8, there were plenty of other options out there, but if unique is what you want, this will satisfy your urge!

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