Craigslist Find: Flock of ‘70s Firebirds

By Elizabeth Puckett

Located in Susanville, CA, the owner of three classic Firebirds listed his trio of Pontiacs for sale on Craigslist — blaming tax issues for having to list them. They’re asking $5,000 for the three cars, but don’t get excited just yet, they aren’t in great condition by any means.










The main car the seller was working on is a 1970 with 400ci V8. It apparently did run before the seller tore it down to restore it.



The next one is a 1971 body shell with no suspension. Most of it looks pretty rough, but there might be a few parts like the trunk lid and chrome that could be pulled off. Some of the interior is salvageable, especially if you’re working on custom upholstery.


Then there’s poor Firebird #3, this is a roller — it’s stated to be in ‘excellent’ condition, but it’s also acting as a giant planter. This one is said to be a 1972, it also has Trans Am vents on the front fenders, but that doesn’t mean it’s a Trans Am.

These three Firebirds have not lived an easy life, obviously, but there seems to be enough parts here to make one car, and then restore it. Would you be willing to undertake a project like this?

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