Craigslist Find: 17 Barn Finds in One Listing

An ad has been on the Louisville Craigslist for nearly a month now, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to bite. It includes 17 cars, all in need of  repair/restoration, and none with titles. It’s an interesting find, but it’s downright obnoxious that there’s no listed price. The list of cars is intriguing, even though none of them actually run.


Amongst the stowed away cars are:

  • 3 – Chrysler Town and Country woody hardtops, 1948 or 1949
  • 1 – late 1940’s Dodge 2 door coupe
  • 4 – Thunderbirds 1958-1959-1960
  • 3 – late 1940’s Chrysler suicide door coupes
  • 2 – 1965-1968 Galaxie conv.
  • 1- 1951 Ford hard top
  • 1 – Chrysler 2 door hardtop
  • 1 – 1974 VW Sun Bug
  • 1- 1964 Ford station wagon

And not all of the cars are pictured…


All the ad really offers besides the list is “I have 17 old cars for sale in one lot. some are restore-able, some are parts. none of then run.” and that the seller wont answer emails or texts, or we’d give him a shout to see if we could get more details.


If you check the number in the ad, it shows that it’s the number of a place called the Mustang Store in Louisville, KY, and is also associated with a listing for an automotive vinyl specialist. We’re guessing the owner of this business (or multiple ones) might have inherited the collection, or it’s their own private hoard of classics.


If you’re in the area, it might be worth looking at this stash.

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