Title Shot

Office Space

By Rob “Right Foot” Krider

Rob gives a private tour of his office cubicle.


Welcome to my office space. My desk is constructed of plastic, aluminum, and carbon fiber and it goes about 130 miles per hour. This is a great place to work. Although the word “work” is used pretty loosely here. Most people go to “work” to make money. As a racecar driver, I pretty much just work at losing money. But it’s a really great way to lose it. And I do it very, very fast.


My job inside my office is simple as I have two basic tasks. Task Number 1: Don’t Crash. Task Number 2: Win Races. Task Number 1 isn’t always easy to avoid because sometimes my office gets crowded with other racecar drivers in their own cubicles who think they are going to win. Please! And as long as I fulfill Task Number 2 and win the race, nobody really cares if I crash a bit. Just win and everything is forgiven.


It’s a hands-on sort of job and it is very fast paced. There have been moments where I have had to leave my office quickly because I thought I was on fire. Other times my office stops working as pieces of engine instantaneously disassemble and throw their oily bits on the racetrack. Nobody likes that. But if you want to see, hear, and feel what it is like to be in this style of office environment, check out the video below for full immersion of the day in the life of a racecar driver.

And if your workday goes the right way, like it did above, you get to leave your office and pick up some hardware like this first place trophy below. All in a day’s work.


Rob Krider, author of the novel Cadet Blues, is a factory pilot for Double Nickel Nine Motorsports. To read more stories from Rob go to robkrider.com.

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