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State Farm Neighborhood Assist(R): Please H...

Aug 23, 2017No Comments

Put On the B.R.A.K.E.S. has been selected as one of 200 finalists in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist® program!

3M PPS World Cup 2017-08-17 014

Gearheads4Life Visits the 3M PPS World Cup ...

Aug 18, 2017No Comments

3M Automotive Aftermarket Division has welcomed us to a very special event alongside the Woodward Dream Cruise of 2017.


New Mustang Has Consideration For Your Neig...

Aug 14, 2017Comments off

Ford just unveiled a feature is called “good neighbor mode” that allows Mustang GT owners to temporarily quiet their engines.

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Stolen Mustang Found Thanks to Facebook Pos...

Aug 13, 2017Comments off

A man in Baytown, TX used the power of social media for good when he used Facebook to find his stolen 2011 Ford Mustang GT.

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Five Alarm Fire Completely Destroys Classic...

Aug 11, 2017Comments off

More than 11 area fire departments were called in to help put out a 5-alarm fire blaze where a classic car shop was on fire in Staunton, Illinois.

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Advice for the Dumb Criminals: Don’t Take...

Aug 09, 2017Comments off

A video has surfaced of a stolen NXS being drag raced at the El Paso Motorplex in Clint, TX.


Dodge Demon Could Have Angel Counterpart

Aug 08, 2017Comments off

Fiat, Dodge’s parent company, has filed for a trademark on the name “Angel”, so let the wild speculation begin!


Corvette Z06 Owners Are Suing Over Track Pe...

Aug 07, 2017Comments off

Z06 owners are seeking money from GM over the issues they’re experiencing.


2018 Mustang GT Said To Be The Quickest

Aug 05, 2017Comments off

The 2018 Mustang got quite a bit more than a few cycle updates, and that apparently has equated to the claim that it's the quickest Mustang GT to date.


Drive a Stick Shift to Decrease Likelihood ...

Aug 04, 2017Comments off

A 20-year old female college student in Columbia, SC might have the stick shift in her car to thank for her life after an attempted kidnapping.