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Street Machine Nationals Du Quoin 2017-06-24 035

Gearheads4Life at Du Quoin Street Machine N...

Jun 26, 2017No Comments

Come see us at the Du Quoin Street Machine Nationals, and if you can't make it, follow us for total coverage!


Craigslist Find: 17 Barn Finds in One Listi...

Jun 23, 2017No Comments

17 cars, all in need of repair/restoration, and none with titles are all for sale in one Craigslist ad.


MB Proclaims Collector Car Appreciation Day...

Jun 22, 2017No Comments

Province of Manitoba Proclaims July 14, 2017 as “COLLECTOR CAR APPRECIATION DAY”.


VIDEO: Overhyped Cars

Jun 21, 2017No Comments

This is a list that talks about the cars that haven’t quite earned the hype surrounding them.


Dodge Announces U.S. Dealer Allocation Plan...

Jun 21, 2017No Comments

Demon allocation process designed to build the Dodge brand halo; prioritizes orders that are at or below MSRP.


Herd of Chevy Corvairs Rile Up Indiana Resi...

Jun 20, 2017No Comments

The narrative of neighbors deciding the be bothered by car people is becoming a cliche, and here’s another example of the hysteria.

World Series of Drag Racing (MIR) 2016-08-27 464

Grinding Gears: Congrats Clay!

Jun 19, 2017Comments off

Clay Millican nabs his first, well deserved, NHRA win!


Gearhead Stories: Aubrey King’s 1940 ...

Jun 16, 2017Comments off

Aubrey King tells us about the 15-year build and highlights some of the custom modifications on his trick 1940 Buick.


Gearhead Powerpack Giveaway Winner: Blown 1...

Jun 16, 2017Comments off

For the upcoming Street Machine Nationals Du Quoin event, we were all impressed by Gearhead Powerpack Giveaway contestant Dave’s Blown 1968 Dodge Charger.


Cheeseball Car Movie Countdown: Part I

Jun 15, 2017Comments off

You'd think a car movie would be totally devoid of PSA style cheesy plot lines and bad acting, but that's the furthest thing from the truth!