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Sheriff Joins In On Street Race Fun

Apr 26, 2017No Comments

There’s a new sheriff in town, and he love street racing, apparently!


VIDEO: Chevy Ad Offers High-Tech Look at Re...

Apr 22, 2017Comments off

The Human Race is a short film by Chevy made using high-tech film processes.

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VIDEO: ZL1 Shows Off Acceleration Power

Apr 21, 2017Comments off

In this video by Hennessey Performance, they demonstrate the car’s brute strength and ability to launch to high speeds from a standstill, very quickly!

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VIDEO: Hellcat Does Burnout Through 7th Gea...

Apr 17, 2017Comments off

This video proves why the Hellcat will never be overshadowed.

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VIDEO: How a Carburetor Works

Mar 28, 2017Comments off

This may be the best video explanation that explains the frustrating magic behind the carburetor.

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Recoil 4 Takes Viewers On Thrill Ride Throu...

Mar 28, 2017Comments off

BJ Baldwin pushes himself to the limit performing never-before seen stunts in first US film shot in Cuba in decades.

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VIDEO: Twin Turbo Coyote Has a Run in w/ 14...

Mar 27, 2017Comments off

Check out the Out in Front Mustang as it goes up against Jace Nester's 1400hp LSx Mustang and Ricky Bulgreen's SBC nitrous Fox Body!

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Volvo Wants to Make Death Proof Cars By 202...

Mar 15, 2017Comments off

Volvo has always led the pack in safety, but they are not messing around when it comes to their big goal to make their cars completely death proof by 2020.

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VIDEO: Thermal Camera Shows Abuse on Tires ...

Mar 13, 2017Comments off

A thermal camera shows the damage you do to your tires during a burnout.


John Wick’s Classic Mustang is the Baddes...

Feb 16, 2017Comments off

John Wick returns with a new 1969 Mustang and it is bad to the bone!