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VIDEO: See Through Engine

Oct 16, 2017Comments off

Check out the inside of an internal combustion engine, in slow motion!


Cutout Shows Clutch in Action

Oct 12, 2017Comments off

Take a look inside clutch engagement through this massive cutout peephole.


108-Year-Old Car Is One Wild Ride

Oct 11, 2017Comments off

Richard Scaldwell has a 1914 GN running a prototype air-cooled aero engine which JAP built in 1908. GN was a British car company operating between 1910 and 1925, set up by H.R. Godfrey and Archibald Frazer-Nash, while J. A.


VIDEO: Cop Experiences Speed from the Passe...

Sep 11, 2017Comments off

Watch as this cop gets to experience 200 mph in a ride along!


The Crazy Vehicles of Burning Man

Aug 30, 2017Comments off

Burning Man gives us a look at what vehicles would look like if there were no boundaries!


VIDEO: Bosozoku Inspired 1977 Toyota Celica...

Aug 22, 2017Comments off

This classic Celica is a little tacky, but it's certainly not boring like today's Toyotas!


VIDEO: This is Motorsport.

Aug 21, 2017Comments off

Not everyone understands it, and not everyone has to, this is motorsport.

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The Bose Suspension That Should Have Been

Jul 27, 2017Comments off

Bose made a suspension system suitable for Superman, but you can't have it!


Hellcat Engine Powered Prius Coming to a Ro...

Jul 18, 2017Comments off

You can file this in your ‘It was bound to happen’ folder — Prius cars are now getting Hellcat powertrain swaps.

The monster to close the list is a massive marine engine. This 14RT-FLEX96C marine engine makes 5,600,000 lb-ft 102 and 100,000 horsepower.

VIDEO: 10 Biggest Engines

Jul 03, 2017Comments off

This list of the biggest engines around will have you ready to up your engine building game!