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Volvo Wants to Make Death Proof Cars By 202...

Mar 15, 2017Comments off

Volvo has always led the pack in safety, but they are not messing around when it comes to their big goal to make their cars completely death proof by 2020.

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VIDEO: Thermal Camera Shows Abuse on Tires ...

Mar 13, 2017Comments off

A thermal camera shows the damage you do to your tires during a burnout.


John Wick’s Classic Mustang is the Baddes...

Feb 16, 2017Comments off

John Wick returns with a new 1969 Mustang and it is bad to the bone!


eBay Find: Supercharged LS9 1967 SEMA Camar...

Feb 15, 2017Comments off

SEMA fans will recognize this Camaro from the 2013 show where it was featured at the BASF stand -- and now its up for sale!

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Explained: Drifting vs. Powersliding

Feb 09, 2017Comments off

Most people probably think “drifting” and “powersliding” are the same thing, but they would be wrong!

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VIDEO: Ringbrothers’ 1,000 HP “...

Feb 06, 2017Comments off

The Ringbrothers were the kings of SEMA with this year's project, the 1,000 HP, supercharged 416 cubic inch "G-Code" 1969 Camaro.


The Ultimate Al Teague

Jan 31, 2017Comments off

Al Teague retired his Spirit of 76 Streamliner from active competition at the close of the 2002 season, but his hero status remains.

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Muscle Car Of The Week: 1961 Ford Starliner

Jan 28, 2017Comments off

The term ‘muscle car’ hadn’t been thought up yet, so putting the spotlight on this 1961 Ford Starliner might seem a little out of the ordinary.

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Twin Engine Soviet Military Truck Plays See...

Jan 26, 2017Comments off

This twin engine monster is a ZIL-135, and it has a surprising amount of maneuverability for its goliath size.

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Is This the Best Race Video Ever? Nitro in ...

Jan 26, 2017Comments off

Get an artistic look at the FHRA Nitro Nationals back in 2012 at the Alastaro Circuit in Southern Finland and the Ahonen Racing Team.