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Nova Scotia Proclaims July as Automotive He...

Mar 13, 2017Comments off

Province of Nova Scotia again proclaims July as “Automotive Heritage Month”.


10-Year Old Entrepreneur Saves to Buy a 195...

Mar 05, 2017Comments off

A North Carolina 10-year old girl decided that she wanted a '55 Chevy Bel Air, so she started her own business to make sure she could buy one!

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One Time with Jeff Smith: Jeff & Sulli...

Feb 14, 2017Comments off

On this episode of One Time with Jeff Smith he talks about another road trip that he took with Scott Sullivan in the Cheese Wiz '55 back in 1989.

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One Time with Jeff Smith: The Oldsmobile

Feb 07, 2017Comments off

On this episode of One Time with Jeff Smith he talks about his road trip in a 1964 Oldsmobile with John McGann.

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Film Review: Deuce of Spades

Jan 23, 2017Comments off

Faith Granger set out to make a film that captures the hot rod era, without prior industry experience, and she pulled it off perfectly!


VIDEO: How to Properly Review a Car (Parody...

Oct 07, 2016Comments off

This parody video highlights the common mannerisms of car reviewers!


5 Tips for the Best Car Photos

Jun 09, 2016Comments off

When it comes to taking photos of your car, there's a right way of doing it. Here are some quick tips for better car pictures.


Illegal for Use in California: Where Are Ge...

Jun 08, 2016Comments off

Which states welcome car people and which don't? Find out where gearheads might be the most at home.


Show Us What You Can Do: Hanging Mobile

May 20, 2016Comments off

We’ve met all sorts of folks on our travels who make amazing creations. Whether it is furniture made out of truck tailgates, pieces of art from car parts, or just generally cool car-related stuff. We want to


Check Out Finnegan’s Garage

Apr 22, 2016Comments off

Welcome to Finnegan’s Garage, an inside look at his shop and projects. Each week Mike hopes to bring us a new tip, trick or absolute nonsense concerning his cars, trucks and boats. The first video is just an intro to his