Right Foot: Rob Krider

Title Shot

The Hardest Hit: Life at the Demolition Der...

Mar 06, 2017Comments off

Rob Krider got a chance to check an item off his bucket list - demolition derby racing!

The Bandit

The Car Movies That Changed My Life

Feb 20, 2017Comments off

Rob “Right Foot” Krider shares his list of some impactful car movies and how they made him the person he is today!


Street Car to Racecar

Jan 11, 2017Comments off

Here is the story of a little racecar that won a lot of trophies and didn’t cost a lot of money.


The Reality Behind Reality TV Car Shows

Dec 13, 2016Comments off

Here is a breakdown of some of the shows Rob “Right Foot” Krider did some donuts in and how they were each created.


The Gimp Pimp Cadillac

Nov 29, 2016Comments off

Billy Manfroy and Jim Krider won't let anything keep them from racing!


Racing Season From Hell: Trials and Tribula...

Oct 26, 2016Comments off

Right Foot Rob Krider walks us through a season of running a Honda Challenge race car.



Sep 26, 2016Comments off

Rob takes a rental car out racing, how does he do?

The End

Best Horsepower Bang For Your Buck: Used C6...

Aug 08, 2016Comments off

Buy a used Z06, impress your friends, win races, and beat Porsches!

Krider Invitational

Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car (...

Jul 05, 2016Comments off

Get an inside look Optima's search for the Ultimate Street Car from the driver's seat!


The 24 Hour Challenge

Feb 08, 2016Comments off

As the awesome racing machines battled on track for two full cycles around the clock, you take one drink every hour for 24 hours. Does