Not Legal in California: Elizabeth Puckett

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Are Dealerships the Real Reason Modern Driv...

Oct 03, 2017Comments off

I have a few ideas about why Gen X and Y'ers aren't buying as many cars as prior generations, and I'm pointing my finger at


Gearhead Stories: Our Digital Editor Talks ...

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This Gearhead Story comes from within the Xceleration Media/Gearheads4Life team. Our Digital Editor has been a gearhead since she was a kid, and her excitement


Behind the Scenes of the Behind the Scenes:...

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Check out the behind the scenes and cutting room floor photos from Radial Fest.


My Emotional Connection to Music While Driv...

Jul 18, 2016Comments off

Listening to music is an emotional journey, and to me, it's even more powerful when you're behind the wheel of a loud and fast car!

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6 Complaints from a Gearhead Who Happens to...

Jun 22, 2016Comments off

Help me laugh through my complaints as a women in motorsports! In return, I'll give you RDJ reactionary GIFs!


Has the Social Side of the Car Scene Change...

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The car scene is suffering, especially when it comes to the social aspect. Can it be revived?


Illegal for Use in California: Where Are Ge...

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Which states welcome car people and which don't? Find out where gearheads might be the most at home.