Grinding Gears: Shawn Brereton

Somernites Cruise 2017-07-21 330

Somernites Cruise: July Corvette Summer

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The July edition of the Somernites Cruise highlighted Corvettes, horsepower, and American car culture!

The 911 had served us well, and looked really cool under the neon lights. I was just happy not to have dinged the fenders!

Another Bucket List Drive: Grinding Gears

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Shawn Brereton got to cross a car off his bucket list -- was is everything he imagined it would be? Check it out!

World Series of Drag Racing (MIR) 2016-08-27 464

Grinding Gears: Congrats Clay!

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Clay Millican nabs his first, well deserved, NHRA win!


Grinding Gears: What Cars Should Be At A Ca...

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Do STOCK, NEW cars belong at a car show? If I were organizing a big car show, I honestly don't know what I would do, but I know what I would WANT to do.


Another Senseless Tragedy in Selmer –...

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Yesterday I saw firsthand an unintentional tragedy in Selmer, and it breaks my heart for the community in which it occurred, as well as our hot rodding community.

Hangover Fest 2016-01-01 039

Grinding Gears – Hangover Fest

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Hungover from Hangover Fest On January 2, I got the opportunity to go to my first official drift event (I got to see an exhibition at SEMA Ignited back in November). Traction Optional is a local Memphis

Iceland 2015-09-13 609

Iceland – Land of Fire And Ice (Part ...

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(Continued from Part 1 which you can see HERE) From our research before the trip, we all anticipated our next day would be one of the coolest and it was. The Jokulsarlon Lagoon, a large, deep (814 ft.)

Iceland 2015-09-13 263

Iceland – The Land Of Fire And Ice (P...

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“Iceland? Why would you go there?” That is the question I got before I left – and I continue to get – after returning from the island nation at the top of the world. My wife and


Why Is A Race Series Getting Into Politics?

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Is the confederate flag a symbol of hate or history? It is a touchy subject – a hot button item right now – especially down here in the south. I am not from the south originally, but


What Does Austin Dillon’s Wreck Say A...

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Let me preface this by saying I USED to be a die-hard NASCAR fan, but I haven’t watched a full race wire-to-wire in two seasons. I’m sorry, but I’m not on board with all of the people