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That Time I Went To The Blue Suede Cruise

That Time I Went To The Blue Suede Cruise

May 16, 2016Comments off

Wanting to go to a car show is rarely ever my first thought. They’re crowded and it’s usually hot. I love cars, but instead of milling around a parking lot looking at them, I would always rather be driving them


The Car Geek: Strikes Back

Oct 30, 2015Comments off

Rambling Man When you’re a people person like I am (I’m not, by the way) and you want to get away, you know what you do? You go to Panama City Beach (PCB) in September. No one’s


The Car Geek: Rises

May 19, 2015Comments off

Love in the time of car haulers As a kid my family spent Father’s Day weekend at Petit Jean State Park in central Arkansas. The Automobile Museum there hosted an annual car show and swap meet right