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Are Dealerships the Real Reason Modern Driv...

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I have a few ideas about why Gen X and Y'ers aren't buying as many cars as prior generations, and I'm pointing my finger at the buying process.


The Umbrella Policy

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Vegas was a blast and the racing was great for Rob Krider, but it did come with some complications for him, namely, something called “the umbrella girls.”

Steffen Clark picture from Langlee King.

Roanoke Native Prepares to Compete in World...

Aug 24, 2017Comments off

Growing up around race cars led 26-year-old gearhead Steffen Clark to where he is today: Preparing his Subaru for the 2017 SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska, this September.


Gearhead Stories: Our Digital Editor Talks ...

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This Gearhead Story comes from within the Xceleration Media/Gearheads4Life team. Our Digital Editor has been a gearhead since she was a kid, and her excitement has never dulled.

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Oh, The Engines I’ve Blown

Aug 10, 2017Comments off

Rob takes us down a whimsical path of the engines he has destroyed.

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Somernites Cruise: July Corvette Summer

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The July edition of the Somernites Cruise highlighted Corvettes, horsepower, and American car culture!

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Office Space

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Welcome to my office space. My desk is constructed of plastic, aluminum, and carbon fiber and it goes about 130 miles per hour.

The 911 had served us well, and looked really cool under the neon lights. I was just happy not to have dinged the fenders!

Another Bucket List Drive: Grinding Gears

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Shawn Brereton got to cross a car off his bucket list -- was is everything he imagined it would be? Check it out!

World Series of Drag Racing (MIR) 2016-08-27 464

Grinding Gears: Congrats Clay!

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Clay Millican nabs his first, well deserved, NHRA win!


My First Car: A Passion Inherited from a Mo...

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Eric R. grew up around cars, and that's mainly thanks to the influence of his mom's passion for rally racing British sports cars.