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VIDEO: Dumb Driver Can’t Dodge Slowest Train Ever

This driver's dash cam shows a slow motion train wreck, that was totally avoidable!

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Volvo Wants to Make Death Proof Cars By 2020

Volvo has always led the pack in safety, but they are not messing around when it comes to their big goal to make their cars completely death proof by 2020.

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VIDEO: Thermal Camera Shows Abuse on Tires During Burnouts

A thermal camera shows the damage you do to your tires during a burnout.

Vehicle Showcase


Experts Confirmed Original Bullitt Mustang Found a...

The original Mustang Bullitt, used primarily as the stunt car in Bullitt, was found in a junkyard in Mexicali, and confirmed to be the real deal.

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Muscle Car of The Week: Lightweight 19...

This lightweight 1966 Ford Fairlane combines big power with a light body!


Unique 1974 DeTomaso Pantera On the Wa...

With only a little over 10,000 miles on it and unrestored, this DeTamaso Pantera caught our attention.

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eBay Find: Four-Door 1979 Corvette

This is one for the Corvette enthusiasts looking for an odd piece to add to your collection — recently,

Event Coverage

Detroit Autorama 2017-02-23 003

Tour Detroit Autorama

Xceleration Media coverage of Detroit Autorama puts you on the floor!

Detroit Autorama 2017-02-24 089

Coverage: Massive Detroit Autorama Picture Gallery

The Detroit Autorama opens their doors for the 65th annual show!

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Jeff Smith recalls the time he got to go for a ride

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Grand National Roadster Show &...

There were so many cool cars at the Grand National Roadster Show


Xceleration Media Presents PRI...

Xceleration Media announced that it will once again “GO LIVE” during the

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Cars 3 Covers More Serious Gro...

Cars 3 will deal with a darker subject matter and promises to

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