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With both front legs tacked to their respective tabs, you can now tack-weld the front and rear legs to the base. Tack all four corners of each leg to the base. Once every leg is solidly tacked, you can weld the whole mess together. We are just finishing tacking all four legs to the base here on the engine. We then moved to the table to complete the welding.

How To Build Your Own Small- Or Big-Block Chevy Engine Perch

Words And Photos: Jeff Smith If you’re a car guy who has been in the hobby for more than a few years then you probably have a spare engine or at least an assembled long block sitting on the garage floor. These engines are difficult to store easily and even


Tajima’s Crash At Race To The Sky

During a qualifying run at the 2015 Race to the Sky event that is held in New Zealand, legendary racer Monster Tajima had a rare accident. In the video, you see his Toyota Super 86 lose part of its bodywork which ends up ripping off the cars rear wing. This immediately causes


High Speed Luge

Part go-kart, part toboggan, the Skyline Rotorua Luge looks like one awesome ride! This luging adventure can be found in the heart of New Zealand’s scenic volcanic wonderland. Rotorua Luge has three tracks of differing skill levels winding through beautiful forest. If you plan on going to New Zealand anytime soon, you

Vehicle Showcase


The Merc9 Racer

This car is one-of-a-kind! According to the race teams website, “The Merc9 – Mercury 429 – began as a NASCAR-prepared chassis carrying Ford Torino sheet metal in 1969. At that


Shooting The Bloodhound SSC, Literally

At 1,000 mph, Bloodhound Supersonic Car’s solid aluminium wheels will be spinning at 10,200 rpm, that’s rotating at 170 times


The Ultimate Man Cave

Have you heard of Okoboji Classic Cars, LLC out of West Okoboji, Iowa? Well, what began as a show room and


Inside The Bloodhound SSC

In this episode of Chris Harris on Cars, he takes us on a detailed look at the car that

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Bunny Run Jackson 207

23rd Annual Bunny Run

Three weeks ago, I went south. Last week, I went north. Naturally, I had

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Redemption Day 2015-03-21 103

Redemption Day Car Show –...

Spring has sprung down here in the south! I got to cruise

The only sign on the shop. Legens prefers it low key.

Legens Hot Rod Shop Tour

A small town shop making big time cars Boyd Coddigton, Chip Foose,


Great Gallery Of Farm Truck...

If you don’t watch the show Street Outlaws, that headline probably doesn’t

FedEx Commercial Shoot 2015-03-19 002

Automakers Want To Stop Gearhe...

Automakers are supporting provisions in copyright law that could prohibit home mechanics

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